Venus Flower Basket 28-30 cm(Case Pack 4) 8"-10"
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Venus Flower Basket (Case Pack 4) 8"-10"

What a wonderful addition this Venus Flower Basket will make to your seashell collection, and nautical beach house decor. Each glass sponge skeleton specimen comes from below 1500 feet of deep water, and made from silicone dioxide (glass). It's fine glass strands are interwoven, giving this specimen an amazing delicate lace appearance.

The exquisite and delicate white skeleton of these glass sponges was much admired by the Victorians and a pair -to be mounted under a glass dome- could fetch 5 guineas the equivalent to over $3,000 today! When living, the sponge houses two small shrimp, a male and a female, who live out their lives inside the sponge. They breed, and when their offspring are tiny, the offspring escape to find a Venus Flower Basket of their own.

The shrimp inside of the basket clean it, and in return, the basket provides food for the shrimp by trapping it in its fiberglass-like strands, and then releasing it into the body of the sponge for the shrimp.


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