Selenite Crystal Lamp -skyscraper 9"-12"
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Spectacular light through it, the light will go all the way to the other end and shine out the other side. This makes the selenite lamp unique, because if you put a mineral on top of the lamp it turns it into a light box.

These lamps are 10-15 lbs very heavy that's why the shipping cost they are no longer available with the wood base until further notice

Selenite's pure clean vibration will also clean most minerals within a 15 minute time period. If the mineral is left on the selenite for a longer period of time, the energy of the mineral will transmit through the selenite and permeate the room.

Selenite's high vibrational energy aids us in aligning our higher selves with our conscious physical lives' helping us to manifest our desires into the physical. The energy is so high and pure, it fills our cells, our being, and all aspects of our lives with the pure love and light of the Divine Source. Great for home or business. Turn on one of these lamps and allow the energy of selenite to light your life. Natural color wood base.

Here is a truly amazing selenite stick from Midelt, Morocco, this piece of selenite is from a large mass of satin spar, and is translucent, with a lovely natural cats eye.

Selenite is a major rock forming mineral that produces massive beds of rock, usually found near large qtys of saline waters lots of my pcs have water bubbles trapped in the stone.

The word Selenite comes from the Greek meaning Moon and means moon rock, use widely the healing process of sleeping disorders and healing aspects of the mind and body

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